• Urban Masterplan Cultural Infrastructure

    RiverBANK : Bank of food, land and biodiversity
    by Shrayana Ray  |  25 Jul 2022

    The project RiverBANK is an integrated system of productive agro-based network that lend spaces to community for growing food (at the river-side site and in the city). The main design is at the river edge where the sloppy terrain is re-structured into terraced spaces for the community to grow food. ...

  • Urban Commercial Religious Cultural

    Re-Imagining Girivalam - Altering Pilgrimage experience
    by Thenmozhi  |  27 Jun 2022

    Tiruvannamalai is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India situated in a very serene, secluded location amidst nature. The Pilgrimage journey involves a circumambulatory path around the sacred hill, temple, ashrams, and tanks combined with a series of spiritual experiences and rituals which helps the user to experience ...

  • Urban Masterplan Infrastructure

    Food Cover
    by Abhishek Mummithi  |  15 Jun 2022

    Erratic rainfall patterns in Gujarat, led to lower vegetable acreage in 2019. Due to water scarcity in the state, incomplete canal infrastructure and at times lack of access to other sources, farmers in the region are able to cultivate vegetables only in areas where groundwater is available. Gujarat is also ...

  • Urban Residential Masterplan Cultural

    Sva - A vision of Self sustenance
    by Dharan Koruduvar  |  31 May 2022

    According to UN World Urbanization prospects, in the past 40 years, the global population has grown by 80%. In nearly 50 years the urban population will reach about 70% of the global (world population prospects, 2006). This influx from rural to urban areas and massive urbanization creates numerous environmental and ...

  • Urban Civic Educational Cultural

    by Patrice ELMER  |  10 Mar 2022

    Atlantis is rather like a vast Academy stretched over 5 hectares. It will host exhibitions, meetings, study courses, performances amidst all the activities connected with the life of an artist’ colony, a gathering of scientists, thinkers, patrons,and student living together for a while, working, searching,debating and taking part in the ...

  • Urban Civic Masterplan Infrastructure

    Border Dynamics: Park as Parliament
    by PinChu Chen  |  07 Feb 2022

    Sited on the border between Norway and Russia, this project reconsiders the autonomy of the town of Kirkenes. The region has a complex history of territorial dispute and mineral extraction, attracting investors from the globe to invest, extract and occupy. As a result, this area has become a semi-peripheral place ...

  • Urban Masterplan Infrastructure

    NEURALISMS SHENZHEN: Research Report
    by Meric Arslanoglu  |  12 Jan 2022

    Twenty-first-century cities like Shenzhen have grown into diverse, complex, and interconnected organisms. This interwoven structure brings an expanding range of constraints and demands for new types of civic engagement, new ways of integrating nature with the city, and for more sustainable use of resources. Instead of blunt “terrain vague” redevelopment ...

  • Urban Residential Civic Masterplan

    The Kapotnya effect. Resettlement
    by Olga Tarasova  |  10 Jan 2022

    NATURAL AUTONOMY. The residential area of Kapotnya is isolated from the city (Moscow) by the river, the oil factory, and MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). Kapotnya’s territory is “invisible” to public transport, the political and economical influence of the city center. Thus, Kapotnya naturally becomes a kind of autonomous city inside the ...