CDMX Campus

By Yara Kamali  |  21 Aug 2022
  • Location:  Mexico City, Mexico
  • Year:  2022
  • Work Type:  Student
  • Institute:  SCI-Arc
  • Status:  Conceptual
  • Instructor:  Darin Johnstone

The site is an entire city block with the northern side along the main arterial road of Av Chapultepec. It is positioned at the edge of the city proper with the park to the west. Transportation in the area is served by the bus depot across Chapultepec, the subway station below the roundabout (Glorieta), and the bordering city streets and pedestrian sidewalks. I was interested in understanding the neighborhood well enough prior to the design intervention.

I began with a compilation of demographic and residential research of the context. Each block and sub-block was explored to understand the various comparisons between density. The volumes, voids, population, and footprints are the main area of focus. I was able to have an in person visit in February 2022 that aided in the design development of the campus design.

The footprint and silhouette of the existing buildings were used to create the plus program. This is conveniently located on the ground level, allowing the population to continue utilizing the site by not erasing it. The openness is a recurring theme in the project. It is seen in the mesh and the floating floorplates. The mesh is transparent and perforated, allowing indirect light into the spaces.

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